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          The most important part of localization is Desktop Publishing or commonly known as DTP. Desktop Publishing is a service that handles text editing, image processing, and page layout design. DTP is a service that can provide typesetting that can meet the client's requirements and specifications. Mostly, this service means setting text for some particulate translated language to match as much as possible to the original document or creating multilingual versions.

          Primera Solutions with a strongly motivated team of highly qualified and skilled DTP engineers provide efficient publishing services for worldwide customers from different countries, languages or industries. We provide our services mainly to the localization companies and translation agencies. We have many years of experience and creativity to ensure a professional design for each item in its final impact and that we meet client needs.

          Primera team can handle various multilingual DTP services. We often work with translated text from the books, billboard commercial, technical or medical documents and manuals, flyers and leaflets, online files and training documents from e-Learning courses. With our professional experience in a particular language requirement, we can offer DTP service for any language that client request.

          We provide services such as formatting document in Microsoft Office, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and other software to typesetting and instruction design of an e-learning course.


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          We are proud of our wide range of services that we are offering to our clients. Every project that we deliver to the client is always with  highest quality performed  by our internal Quality Assurance (QA) team. We are capable of layout many types of documents and we are able to meet all Desktop Publishing requirements that project need. 

          We have experience with localized DTP services depending on different countries, languages, and cultures. We  offer multi-lingual layout  from CCJK of East Asia (Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean) to European languages and from the Middle East to those in South East Asia languages.
          Basically, Primera can handle all Cyrillic & Alphabetic languages and languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Dari, Cambodian, Laotian, Burmese, where experience for these languages need to be on the high level in order to provide maximum client needs.

          Our values are that you can always trust our team that any received project will be done with quality and with fastest time-around delivery. Each our employee is involved in a strict code of confidentiality.

Some of our services:

  Analysation and preparation content before translation 

  Preparation script for audio files with(out) cue points 

  Recreation of scanned or editable PDF 

  Typesetting for translated documents 

  Layout for translated e-Learning courses 

  Audio synchronization for localized files in courses 

  Image recreation and localization on the target language 

  Post layout QA check (content check comparing to source) 

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